PYSO Auditions for NEW Members

Auditions for the 2020-2021 Season of the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra are closed for all instruments except for Viola, which are ongoing. 

Interested Viola applicants who have not auditioned for PYSO within the past six months may fill out the online Audition Application and then submit an audio (sound ONLY, mp3 preferred, as the audition will be blind) recording that contains:  

  1. First Movement of a Standard Concerto (about 2 minutes worth)   
  1. All (of your instruments’) Excerpts that are (click) HERE. 

Guidelines for the mp3 recording:  

  • Start with (2 minutes worth) of your solo piece (note, solo piece not required of bass trombone), then; 
  • Play all excerpts in the order that they are listed. If you have a false start, take one second and start again. Do NOT stop the recording or edit after recording. Recordings that are not continuous or that are edited will be disqualified.  
  • Please submit your audition on mp3 or audio equivalent and email to Title the mp3 with your name and instrument as in, Jane Doe – Trumpet  
  • Recording with personal or home devices is perfectly acceptable. Professional recordings are not necessary however, we suggest doing a test recording to be sure play back volume is not too soft and not distorted. 

While there is no minimum age requirement, most members are in high school or college. We invite advanced music students who will be a freshman in college or who are currently an undergraduate in college (and who are not yet 20) to learn more about our Undergraduate Music Fellowship Program by following this link.  







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