Here are some favorite memories from PYSO members from the last several seasons!

Lawrence Loh

“Performing The Planets in Heinz Hall was an absolutely incredible experience, and possibly the best performance I’ve ever been a part of. I also really enjoyed both performances of Don Juan – the horn parts are difficult, but so much fun! I’m also very excited for our trip to Spain this summer where I’m sure I’ll make many more memories with my friends in the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra.”

“Maestro Loh’s last concert was particularly memorable.”

“Central Europe Tour 2014.”

“Playing the Planets suite, having the honor of playing timpani for Manfred Honeck.”

“Mr. Loh’s last concert and Music in a Great Space and the Montgomery Quartet and working with soloists and guest conductors and the soon to be Spain tour!”

“2014 Tour and performing with Mr.Loh.”

Manfred Honeck

“Having Manfred Honeck guest conduct us!!”

“Manfred Honeck rehearsing Tchaik 5.”

“Maestro Honeck’s guest conducting, The Enigma Variations, Holiday concerts at Phipps, and making music with some of the best people in Pittsburgh!”

Francesco Lecce-Chong

“My favorite PYSO memory was tackling the work “Don Juan”. It was a very impressive accomplishment for a youth orchestra that made me very proud.”

“Playing An American in Paris and Overture to La Forza del Destino.”

“Don Juan. It was insanely difficult but we put together very well relatively quickly. Also, getting to work with both Mr. Loh and Francesco as well as world class conductors such as Slatkin, Tortelier, Honeck (obviously), and others.”

Heinz Hall

“Listening as an audience member to each other perform, whether as part of the full orchestra, as a chamber ensemble, or just for fun in between rehearsals, helped me better appreciate the level of talent, dedication, and love for music each member shares.”

“I always enjoyed rehearsing and playing on stage at Heinz Hall because it is such an amazing stage and made me feel like I’m part of something really grand. Also, I enjoy the convivial atmosphere around concerts and whenever we are performing – and, of course, there is always fun when we are eating as a group, thanks to the PYSO parents! I’m sure we’ll make many memories on the upcoming tour, too. I also love all the guest conductors we get to work under.”

Making Friends through Music

“Performances around Pittsburgh with fellow members.”

“Sitting through the rehearsals and playing amazing repertoire with my friends and everyone spontaneously bursting into laughter because of something that Maestro or the bass section did. “

“Making a ton of new friends and playing some unforgettable music.

“Spending time playing for and learning from the best musicians I’ve ever met, as well as playing inside some of the most beautiful venues in the area. And, though it hasn’t happened yet, the Spain tour!”

“Brass sectionals!”

“Hanging out with friends during breaks and performing.”

“The great repertoire we’ve played and all of the wonderful conductors we’ve worked with.”

“The friends I’ve made, the people I’ve met, all the laughs and tears. The close sense of community will be something I will definitely miss.”

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