After a weekend of spectacular performances of the Sibelius Violin Concerto with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra world-renowned violin virtuoso Ray Chen spent a hour with PYSO members and guests from TRYPO on the stage of Heinz Hall on Sunday evening, February 16.

Ray spoke on a variety of topics, including growing up in Australia, going to Curtis and summer festivals, a typical day as a concert violinist, how to practice and memorize, preparing for auditions, and performance anxiety. He played a variety of excerpts and examples using the music of Sibelius, Bach, and Paganini, even trading violins briefly with PYSO concertmaster Josef Mueller to demonstrate a point. Ray interacted with the young musicians via questions and answers, and he ended his presentation with this advice to the young musicians: “the one thing to remember from today is to always believe in yourself”.

Thank you, Ray Chen!!!

One of the many benefits of PYSO is experiences such as these. We have auditions for new members coming up! Find out more information here, and make sure to spread the word to any young musicians you know.


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