Diani Shi, PSYO alum (2006-2009 and concertmaster in 2008-09!) has been busy! After PYSO she graduated from Princeton, then graduated from Harvard Medical School, and now is a resident physician at the Harvard hospitals in Boston. She continued to play violin in orchestras and chamber groups throughout college and now plays in a community orchestra based out of Newton, MA (that unfortunately is on hold due to COVID.) 

Diana writes, “the whole PYSO family are really important memories to me. It was one of the most formative experiences I had growing up, and I am so grateful for the PYSO network.” Make sure to check out some fun photos submitted by Diana

“Picture from rehearsal (back when we could all freely perform in large groups…)”
Picture of Diane (far right) and some of the medical school community who got to perform with one of the med school artists in residence, Yo-Yo Ma!

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